What is Freediving?


Put simply, Freediving is moving underwater using only the air in your lungs. No noisy scuba bottles, no heavy equipment, just you, your body and your mind. But it is so much more, let me explain.

I think deep down we are all craving some kind of disconnection from the fast pace of modern life and a reconnection to that inner peace we find after spending the day in nature, at the beach or in a forest. We can help you find this on our retreats.

A sense of achievement:
The satisfaction people leave our retreats with is so satisfying to see, people leave having done things that a week before seemed impossible. Freediving underwater for 1-2 mins, Freediving through an underwater arch or into a cave, or simply being more comfortable than ever in the ocean.

More self confidence:
We all have that little voice of self doubt when faced with a task that seems insurmountable. Through Freediving we can give you the tools you need to help you work through nerves and self doubt, you will leave our retreat ready to take on anything.

Better mental focus:
Under the water all the outside noise and stress is taken away leaving you alone with just your mind and body. This gives you a far higher level of focus, bringing attention to your mind and body. Take this experience with you into your daily life and you will feel the benefits forever.

All you need an open mind and a desire to explore, we provide the rest.




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