Hi, I'm Gary

I took my first Freediving course over 10 years ago and very quickly became hooked. Within a couple of years I had taken part in my first competition and had decided to pursue a career as an instructor and athlete.
 The thing that hooked me about the sport was the peace and quiet I found underwater, no phone, no emails, no social media, it was the perfect escape from modern life.
 Freediving can benefit everyone by giving them a chance to really engage with their inner voice. Underwater you are alone, something that is becoming harder to experience in a busy world and I have found that tranquility to be hugely beneficial.
  People come to our retreats with the ability to Freedive, they just don’t know they can already do it! This is what I love about teaching, showing people that they can do things they never thought possible and that all obstacles are movable.
 But don't worry, Freediving is not just for extreme athletes, if you have a pair of lungs and a beating heart then you can do it. I have taught a huge range of people from children to people in their 80s, a student with one leg, someone with no hands, and everything in-between.


I look forward to seeing you at one of our retreats.




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