We realise that not everyone has the same expectations from a retreat, so we offer 2 different freediving options - you can choose once you arrive and settle in the villa.

Option 1 - Freediving Intro 

Learn basic skills for relaxation, breath holding, finning technique, equalisation and more. You can then practice those skills in the open water sessions, with our instructors on hand at all times. You will feel more confidence in the water, perhaps spending longer down under with the fishes, and swimming through some underwater arches in no time.  This is the more leisurely freediving option, as you will have more free time to lounge by the pool, indulge in a massage, or just chat with some new friends.

Option 2 - Freediving AIDA 2* Course (with certification)

Progress a bit further in your freediving by learning all of the basic skills as above and a little bit more. You will have some requirements to meet in the open water sessions and a small amount of theory to engage in, giving you the knowledge and understanding of what is happening in your body as you are freediving. You will be required to pass a short exam before receiving your certification. Being fully certified means that you will be able to go freediving with centres throughout the world. Generally the AIDA 2* course takes 2 days, but we disperse it out over the 5 days so that you have plenty of leisure time also.


Lynne's retreat yoga sessions give mental, physical and emotional relief to busy, tense, and overworked brains and bodies, whilst providing actionable tools and valuable insights for building strength, both inside and out. Lynne combines her studies and experience of yoga, breath work, meditation, massage and neuroscience. Daily sessions are tailored around the freediving movements of the group each day.  


Strong & sweaty, progressive practices, as well as deep, slow, & melty stretching sessions can be expected. Lynne shares with you in all of her sessions, her knowledge of the brain, and how it can be easily accessed to promote positive change. Once you understand your thoughts, feelings and actions more, we then begin to recognise our deeply ingrained habits and can start to create some new, positive and healthy ones.


Deep relaxation is a state that is so healing for us, and quite frankly, unknown to many people in these modern times that we live in.  We just don't know how to access it and apply it to our lives, we will show you how.


We like to think we have created a good balance of activity and time out on our retreats, everything we offer is optional, you are welcome to take the retreat at your own pace.

Our traditional Ibicencan finca is over 300 years old, and with a recent, stylish renovation it feels modern and luxurious at the same time as authentic and rural.  Surrounded by its own pine forest and the magical nature of Ibiza, you will have no problem switching into retreat mode here.

Super tasty and nutritious meals, snacks and drinks are served by our retreat chef, who is on hand to keep our bellies and minds satisfied and inspired. 

We venture out from the villa for a few excursions throughout the week, in water and out.  We can't wait to show you some of our favourite gem spots on this paradise island.


06:45:    Meditation (optional)

07:00:    Morning Teas & breakfast nibbles


08:00:    Freediving or Yoga session

10.30:     Post freedive/yoga refreshments

              Talk from Gary or Lynne

11:00:     Healthy and filling brunch 


12:00:     Free time - Relax by the pool, siesta, or explore 


15:00:     Afternoon snacks and teas


18:00:     Yoga or freediving session 

19:30:     Tasty and nutritious dinner

21:00:     Meditation (optional)